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    Mery Zanutto
    Mery Zanutto Logo

    Senior Surgical Practitioner

    Mery is Professor Barrett’s senior surgical practitioner (www.rcseng.ac.uk) with over twenty years of experience in surgery and healthcare. She has a BSc degree in Healthcare studies and a master’s degree in Sports and Exercise Psychology. Mery assists Professor Barrett in surgery and will review some of his patients in clinic. Mery has developed an interest in mindset techniques and supports athletes in competitive performance as well as patients travelling through the surgical pathway. Her specialist techniques also are effective in fears and phobias as well as anxiety and pain management. She consults in Southampton and London and is available through her website, www.meryzanutto.com
    Anaesthetic Staff

    Consultant Anaesthetists

    Professor Barrett works with three consultant anaesthetists who are well versed and knowledgeable about the practice of knee surgery and its requirement for anaesthesia and analgesia in the post-operative phase. The consultants offer a continuation of care from the preoperative visit through surgery and into the post-operative phase to ensure appropriate pain management and analgesia. Professor Barrett’s anesthetists are: London • Dr John Goldstone Southampton • Dr Simon Hughes • Dr Andy Cowan

    Office Team

    Helpful Office team

    The office team is key to the smooth running of the professional practice and has a great deal of skill and expertise in helping patients with their enquiries and travel as well as administrative arrangements. They are: •Aimee •Allison •Denise Office hours are between 08:00 to 16:30 Monday to Friday.

    Theatre Team

    Exclusive to Professor Barrett

    The expert theatre team is essential to the satisfactory and successful outcome to some of the more technically demanding procedures undertaken. Professor Barrett’s theatre teams in both London and Southampton are exclusive to him and are specifically trained in some of the advanced techniques employed in theatre. This highly specialised group of individuals is vital in ensuring a successful outcome to surgery and is present at all times that Professor Barrett carries out surgery.

    Physio Team

    Rehabilitation and recovery

    Following surgery the physio team will visit on the ward and, for patients local to Southampton, will be available at the Perform centre for rehabilitation throughout the patient’s recovery. The physio team are knee specialists only and are well versed with the procedures that Professor Barrett performs and the rehabilitation requirements of the patients in the recovery phase.