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My entire professional focus is to achieve the best possible results for my patients in terms of outcome and activity.

I operate across the whole spectrum of knee surgery; from sports and ligament reconstruction in injured athletes to knee resurfacing and revision knee surgery in more mature patients.

I believe completely in individual, specific care as every patient has a different set of challenges and solutions. My extensive clinical experience and ability to draw on all fields within knee surgery means I am able to offer the best option for each patient’s particular needs.

A career spent in academic knee design and innovation with regard to operative procedures means my patients benefit from the most modern and up to date leading edge techniques available.

So you can keep on keeping on

Enjoyed two days in Houston discussing advanced options for the young arthritic Knee. Great group of experienced international surgeons and engineers. Innovative and stimulating. Thanks to all. #surgeons #kneesurgery #jnj #depuyorthopaedics #depuy #knee

Enjoyed contributing to the #Czech National Orthopaedic Congress in the historic city of Prague. Great organisation and wonderful engagement from some enthusiastic and knowledgable surgeons. Thanks for the invitation! #kneesurgery #knee #surgeons #depuy #depuyorthopaedics

Congratulations to all for an excellent two days of focused knee arthroplasty debate and lectures at the European Knee Society Open Meeting in Valencia. Great programme and good discussion about controversial and current topics in Knee replacements #knee #teaching #EKS

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